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Have you seen consultants and thought to yourself "How did they become a consultant? I know more than they do, I could do that!" Perhaps you have been told by others that you should hang up a shingle... Well, here's your chance...

Errol is Making $9200 per month after taking my course!

Abraham is a special person! His enthusiasm for life and people is evident in the way he always encourages one to be the best person possible. My business increased seven fold after participating in his "Get Clients Now" program. Abraham called several times outside of the scheduled program time frame to offer encouragement and to reassure me that "Yes, you can do this!" He is also a true servant. Abraham knows the importance of being genuine in offering assistance - he asks for nothing in return.
Errol Allen, Errol Allen ConsultingCustomer Service Focused Operations Expert/Consultant/Speaker/Author


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Sonya Wright, Customer Service Specialist

"I spent an hour on the phone to Abraham, he was very professional, helpful and inspirational, he gave me lots of useful tips and advice to start up my business. After I came off the phone to him, I felt more positive, motivated and driven, Abraham was a real pleasure to speak with, he makes a great coach and would recommend him."

Lara Just, Helping people with horses

I have worked with Abraham for one month and found his flexible and approachable attitude very helpful. Our work together showed me where I am, which was helpful as I realised that I needed to sort out quite a number of things in my own life before I felt I can move on with the programme. I would be happy to recommend Abraham's services to anyone who needs help with their business.

Ben Bresky /writer, media specialist and podcasting guru

Abraham's enthusiasm is infectious. He's alwasy looking for another web platform or vehicle for his concepts. Every time he calls me he has another idea for a project and he knows how to pull it off.

Shmuel Goldman / Investment property in North Israel - Hebrew to English Translation Specialist

Day after day Abraham inspires me to be a better person - spiritually, professionally, personally, and more. Whether we're philosophizing on the mountain bikes or strategizing by the computer Abraham's deep ideas and understanding for life seem to be coming from a never ending fountain. His capacity to carefully listen and internalize what you say while simultaneously thinking two steps ahead is borderline miraculous. Abraham's international business and customer service coaching to get and maintain clients is changing the face of the business today. I highly recommend Abraham - he will offer invaluable services for any business in search of more clients and the secrets for creating golden business-customer relationships. Plus, he's a gem of a human!

Lisa Hicks / Life Coach Life Coach/ Mentor & Performance Coach

"Abraham was very easy to talk with and he listened well to what I needed to improve my services. What I particularly liked was Abraham’s non sales pitch conversation - I felt comfortable!"
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