10 Simple things you can do to Get Clients, keep them for more and refer others to you


Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Two 90-minute foundational seminars
  • Five 1-hour sessions of hands on accountability with the group
  • Your own customized 28-day marketing plan that you can use over and over
  • A toolkit of tested sales and marketing techniques
  • Coaching, accountability, perspective and support from your coach and the group. 

How it works: 28-Day Program

First two sessions are 90 minute Foundational Seminars: learn the Get Clients Now! system and design your 28-day program. Following five sessions are 60 minute Action & Coaching Weeks: the 28-day program in full swing! Ending with the final session to complete the program. All sessions are held via a telephone conference line; call from any phone anywhere, no special equipment required, long distance charges may apply.

Your Commitment

Buy the 3rd edition of Get Clients Now! by C.J. Hayden. Attend and participate in the weekly calls. Set aside time on your calendar to do the daily and weekly actions you’ve chosen. Stick with the program, have fun and get clients!

My Commitment

Be there with you every step of the way to move your business forward using the Get Clients Now! program.

Marketing doesn't have to be a struggle! Get Clients Now! has helped 100,000+ independent professionals, consultants and coaches build a thriving business.

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You will learn in detail:

What really works to market a professional services business, and what doesn’t

Over 100 different tools and tactics for marketing your business

How to diagnose your marketing ailments with the Universal Marketing Cycle

Discover the missing ingredients that have prevented your marketing from being successful

How doing ten simple things per day can bring you all the clients you’ll ever need

And more!

Here's What Our Clients Say

“GET CLIENTS NOW! has been the single most powerful success ingredient in my business… I have seen a four-fold increase in business, have a pipeline that is overflowing, and a cadre of referral partners and strategic alliances… I went from stuck and stymied to committed and cashing in because the GCN program taught me how…”
Kathy SullivanWeb Designer
“…the best marketing system for consultants and coaches I’ve ever seen… a lead-generating system matched to your personal skills and inclinations… you’ll find that getting clients is a lot easier than you ever thought it could be.”
Michael KnowlesBusiness Consultant
“I have just completed working the GET CLIENTS NOW! program… I got four new clients, lined up five workshops and two speaking engagements, and had an article written about me in the local paper!”
Tifin Kutch DillonLife Coach
“I owe you a million thanks. I doubled my business in twelve months using your book and program. It simply works.”
Nick IronsPersonal Trainer Owner
“Not only did it provide a very methodical approach to marketing that did not require much of a budget, but it also helped us understand where we had been falling short… the program inspired us to set and meet aggressive goals… a powerful system that levels the playing field.”
Patricia RiveraTranslation Agency Owner

It's time for you to be the with all the clients!

About Abraham Venismach 

Hi! I'm Abraham Venismach.  Some of you may know me from my LinkedIn group; Making Excellent Customer Service the Standard, with over 46 Thousand members and over 300 new members each month!  I personally invite you to join us in our group workshop! I've worked with individuals, Fortune 100, 500, Award Winning Consultants, Celebrities and just about about everything else under the Sun!  Now I'm taking my decades of experience and combining that with the Get Clients Now!™ System that will help you get you get and keep ideal clients.  

Dear Consultants, coaches & self-employed professionals:
Do you need more clients? More income? To earn a better living with less effort? Learn how with the GET CLIENTS NOW! system.

What I want for you is a fulfilling, sustainable business. I know you went into business for a reason. You saw that it would get you something you wanted — control over your time, a better working environment, more money, using your talents, sharing your vision, or even changing the world. But if you don’t have enough clients, you’re not getting what you want — you’re not doing enough of what you love, earning enough to feel secure, or having more control over your life, because you’re spending too much time and money on marketing. The purpose of the GET CLIENTS NOW! book, system, is to help you get what you want in life by making your business more successful, and to do that with as little struggle as possible.

Isn't it time for you to be the one with all the clients?  Yes it is!

Looking forward to working with you!  ~ :) Abraham

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